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The Great Globe finissage / tárlatvezetés + Klara Hobza előadása

Contributors:Klara Hobza
Venue: Project Space
Opening:06/30/2019 16:00 (Sun)
Duration:06/30 - 06/30/2019

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday
15:00 – 19:00
13:00 – 17:00

June 30 at aqb Project Space
4pm - Guided tour by the curators Flóra Gadó and András Heszky (in Hungarian)
6 pm - artist talk with Klara Hobza (in English)
Diving in the Anthropocene
Klara Hobza will take you through her endeavor Diving Through Europe, a journey set to take 25-30 years, in which the artist will scuba dive through the European rivers, from the North Sea to the Black Sea. After 3 years of diligent training, the Hobza entered the Rhine river at the mouth of the North Sea near den Hague. At the moment she is crossing through the Dutch canals, aiming at Germany, where she will switch to the Main river, taking her to the Main-Danube-Channel, then the Danube river, all the way to the Black Sea.
This talk encompasses resulting articulations of her endeavor - documentation of a wide array, direct and fictionalized - that lead to drawings, videos, found images and many anecdotes. The artist will explain her inevitable confrontation with geological scopes, resulting in praxinoscopes such as the one seen in the exhibition. It will give thorough insight into the artistic process of understanding and encountering Europe´s urban waters as Homo sapiens and explain why the rocks are the true protagonists of a river.