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aqb AiR – IChin Liao (TW) The black ocean

Contributors:IChin Liao (TW)
Venue: Project Space
Opening:07/18/2019 17:00 (Thu)
Duration:07/18 - 07/18/2019

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday15:00 – 19:00

IChin Liao will present her new series on Thursday the 18th of July. Those works were developed during her residency at art quarter budapest.
art quarter budapest / A building on the 4th Floor
July 18, 2019 Thursday 5pm
“It is not an image I am seeking. It’s not an idea. It’s an emotion you want to recreate, an emotion of wanting, of giving and of destroying” (Bernadec, 1996, p.7)
“The black ocean” conveys the idea of migration and vitality. It’s related to my observation of different cultures and the further psychological transformation in Hungary. Black represents for me “the intensity of the emotions involved”, and is often synonymous with sorrow. It arouses the perception of mystery, infinity, danger, violence, shame, jealousy, and depression.
In “The black ocean” I apply black to nature, linking the landscape with the body - psychological and physiological reaction. The ocean in particular is a reference point for me. It reorients me in times of emotional vulnerability, while the deep sound of continual waves and the vast scene have a positive, calming energy. By filling ocean with black color is the way to achieve the symbolic associations.
To sum up, while being a foreigner, “The black ocean” is the way how I explore the new sight in art between oriental thought and Western elements.