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Aqb AiR / Elisabeth Kuklenyik & Dana Potter – Stories we tell

Contributors:Elisabeth Kuklenyik (US) / Dana Potter (US)
Venue: Sepia Sound Studio
Opening:06/27/2019 17:00 (Thu)
Duration:06/27 - 06/27/2019

Elisabeth Kuklenyik (US) and Dana Potter (US) will present their new graphic series on Thursday the 27th of June. Part of those works were developed during their residency stay at art quarter budapest.
art quarter budapest / A building on the 4th Floor
June 27, 2019 Thursday 5pm
Elisabeth Kuklenyik is an illustrator and comics artist working out of Chicago. Her work is an exploration of heritage and the mythologies we make for ourselves, both in the microcosm and the larger context.
"Two years ago, I started a small comic book series called, My Mother of Old Bones. It is partly autobiographical and partly an exploration into my Eastern European roots through folklore and family history. Specifically, it is about how I came to know about infamous Slavic witch figure, Baba Yaga and her many iterations. The series, for a time, was my way of reflecting on my recent past, furthering artistic research and putting the
world I envisioned in my head onto paper. I stepped away from this work, not because I wanted to but in order to tend to the demands of finishing my degree as well as gaining a credential in art teaching. Should I be invited into the residency, my hope is to finish this work once and for all as its incompleteness has been a regret of mine."
Dana Potter is the graphic designer for an interdisciplinary project called Proud and Torn. The primary author is Bettina Fabos, whose father immigrated to the United States from Hungary in the 1950s. The Proud and Torn team includes historians, computer programmers, and animators. Proud and Torn is a far-reaching graphic history of modern Hungary, told through the story of the Fabos family and their photograph collection. The narrative traces the lives of sister and brother (and best friends) Ari and Gyula Fábos through the Second World War, the Holocaust, Soviet occupation, forced labor, and a host of social, political, and economic problems in communist Hungary. The story culminates with the 1956 Revolution and the dramatic parting of Ari and Gyula, who find themselves on different continents due to political circumstance. It first existed as a website and is being made into a book as well.