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Contributors:Imre Vass
Venue: Rooftop
Opening:03/25/2023 16:00 (Sat)
Duration:03/25 - 03/25/2023

The first episode of the PERSONAL TRAINER performance series is [in_form]. The second part of the series tries to navigate the information superhighway with the help of the character of the personal trainer. The possibilities of the digital age open up new horizons for us, providing direct access and availability. This rapid, uncontrolled consumption of content and knowledge hoarding can cause personality distortions in traces. The urge to grow and develop, individual and collective desires shape both the body and the mind.

The personal trainer spent nights surfing through DIY youtube videos, TED talks, motivational speeches, personalized advertisements and training videos until he found the most effective knowledge-mass suppliment. He developed a complex training plan, which he presents to the audience in a 60-minute demonstration class.

Created and performed by: Imre Vass
Costume: Anna Kudron / Pinkponilo, Imre Vass
Space & stage: Imre Vass
Photo: János R. Szabó
Production Partner: Katlan Group
Sponsors: Ministry of Human Capacities, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Art Quarter Budapest, Artus, under500 festival
Duration: ’60