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SEED / a walk-in dance installation by IPtanz

Contributors:Ilona Pászthy / Diana Treder / Anika Bendel / miegL / Christoph Schumacher / Christoph Wedi / Anne Barth / IPtanz
Venue: Foyer
Opening:09/03/2021 20:00 (Fri)
Duration:09/03 - 09/04/2021

3 September, Friday 20:00 - FULL
4 September, Saturday 19:00

The devil embodies the manifestation of evil. Exorcism - a relic of past times: a body possessed by evil, maladjusted, uncomfortable, a medieval view? IPtanz looks at the timelessness of aspects of dealing with the devil as an image of forms of social moderation and arbitrariness. The piece does not provide answers. The installation becomes a net of body metaphors and impressions. In the irritation of the familiar space, the questionability of viewpoints becomes visually transparent. IPtanz's productions are aimed towards an audience that consciously seeks the experience in spaces unfamiliar to the theater. The production has been nominated for the SK Foundation Dance Theater Award 2019 and has been invited to the R(H)einfach Festival 2020.

"The devil is never felt by the people, even if he had them by the collar" (Faust / Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

An additional exhibition with texts provides insights into themes that inspired the artistic process.

IMPORTANT: Vaccination card is mandatory for participating in the event.

We also kindly ask you to wear a mask during the performance as the dancers will be in close interaction with the audience.


The interdisciplinary group of artists around Ilona Pászthy develops dance productions that are experienced by the audience in public space, site-specific and ​theatre spaces. Staged nationally and internationally (e.g. Hungary, South Korea, Congo, Singapore), they open the border between audience and artists. Media, interdisciplinary and international collaborations characterize​ the works just as much as the cross-genre stage composition of contemporary dance, performance, visual arts, media, music, performing arts and the examination of methods and approaches from science.

The movement language is characterized​ by postmodern dance and performance techniques and its own movement language from the individual gestures of everyday life. The artistic concepts reflect the current movements and developments in society and resulting social structures in a socio-critical way and the change of sensual perception processes in an increasingly mediatized​ world. The body is repeatedly thematized​ as a mirror of society. ​

Supporters: Kulturamt Stadt Köln, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, barnes crossing