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Contributors:Christa Bartesch / Borsos Lőrinc / Brückner János / Jui-Pin Chang / Monika Fischbein / Halász Péter / Jason Hughes / Keresztesi Botond / Keresztes Zsófia / Kis-Prumik Zoltán / Laci & Balázs / Mátrai Erik / Kata Mijatović / Zoran Pavelić / Süveges Rita / Eleanor Strigner / Szabó Ottó / Szenteleki Gábor / Stella Tang / Tóth Márton Emil / Margl Ferenc / Sárai Vanda / Mike Nylons (Farbwechsel) / goma (uk) / Dj Budai Carpitos / Max Sinclair
Venue: Project Space
Opening:09/04/2015 18:00 (Fri)
Duration:09/04 - 09/04/2015

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday15:00 – 19:00

"International Salon"
On its one-night-long pop-up event, AQB will present an openly heterogenous exhibition material. The common point is the residency house itself on Nagytétényi street where the exhibition takes place, as well. The audience can get an insight into the works of local artists who are based in the residency house and guest artists from abroad. Some of these works are developed specifically to this event and into this particular space.
These days the system of salon exhibitions are becoming fashionable again. We would like to reflect on this tendency, emphasizing an international aspect. The contingency, almost accidental character of the exhibited works and projects, with the help of the exhibition space, create new units.
The works on show are not homogenous in the sense of genre or medium, either: light installation and regular painting hanging on the wall can appear at the same time, so can coexist socially engaged, research based pieces with playful, self-reflective works targeting art itself.
What can be seen in the exhibition space is not a teleological selection, much more a fragmentary unity offered for interpretation. The curatorial task is also to create as many network-like connections as possible, instead of the realising of an already existing conception.