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Mirel TORUN_On Flux_opening

Contributors:Mirel Torun
Venue: Project Space
Opening:04/13/2018 17:00 (Fri)
Duration:04/13 - 04/13/2018

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday
15:00 – 19:00
13:00 – 17:00

On Flux

Exhibition Statement
These photographs/images are product of a year long research at different artist residencies in Budapest,Hungary, Hämeenkyrö, Finland and Leipzig, Germany focusing on the relationship/the entanglement/ bonds between space, body and objects.
The soil is different in every spot of the earth. Thus I insist
on an experience centered production, so I start the
process after I connect with the place without prior
planning, after the body becomes part of the place and
thus invisible. I embrace new ideas as they arrive.
The objects are idle items I find in the spaces I photograph. As
the bonds between the bodies, the space and the objects
change, the pictures I direct transform with this flux.
How alive is a body? How dead is an object?
How do they connect / relate?
How does the visible become bodiless, become a
Can I defamiliarize my surrounding to focus on the
bonds / network of relationships between objects, spaces
and the body that lives inside this network?
Construction of bonds instead construction of meaning.
Mirel Torun, 2018