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Kocsi Olga: VR LADA – Zsiguli a háztetőn / Küszöb Fesztivál

Contributors:Kocsi Olga
Venue: Rooftop
Opening:05/11/2018 17:00 (Fri)
Duration:05/11 - 05/11/2018

Olga KOCSI: VR LADA - Zhiguli on the Rooftop
Opening: May 11, Friday 5 - 8 pm
On view: May 12–13, Saturday & Sunday 2 - 8 pm
The half virtual and half real LADA is coming to Budapest! You can experience it, not on the dusty road or in an abandoned garage, but we will fly the LADA up on the rooftop of Art Quarter Budapest! Feel the sunset behind the car steering wheel. Lada trip, eat art, raffle and some other cool stuff are waiting for you! There will be many other exciting programs besides the VR LADA and several events too! Don't miss it! Come and enjoy the experience, feel it, taste it, visit AQB!
Exhibiting artist: Olga Kocsi
Curator: Alexandra Karakas
The event is part of Küszöb Festival.
Main sponsor: MVM