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Contributors:Horváth Villő / Németh László
Venue: Project Space
Opening:10/11/2018 19:30 (Thu)
Duration:10/11 - 10/11/2018

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday15:00 – 19:00

Pop up exhibition of Villő Horváth and László Németh
curated by Zita Marton
music performance by Richárd Melykó
We spend a meaningful part of our lives in the so called cyberspace, which is a metaphorical space made by computer-systems and -networks. This expression and its opposite “meatspace” was first used by the American-Canadian writer William Gibson in 1982 in one of his science fiction novelles.
While this was only fiction in the eighties,today it has become the harshest reality. We use cyberspace to substitute different types of physical spaces, in which almost everything is possible from the deepest meditation to the process of making artworks or social interactions.
The exhibition tries to make “meatspace” from the cyberspace as an atmospheric site-specific installation in the Art Quarter’s unique black room. The works are based on the exhibited artists’ personal visions.