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Bo-komplex: Fright Fight Flight táncelőadás/ Dance Peroformance

Contributors:Tanzkompanie bo komplex / T42dance
Venue: Mines
Opening:05/17/2019 20:00 (Fri)
Duration:05/18 - 05/18/2019

Dance company: Bo-Complex: Fright Fight Flight
Interdisciplinary music - dance - video - installation - performance
The performance of Bonn's Bo-Komplex dance company and the T42 Dance Project in Berlin, FRIGHT FIGHT FLIGHT, blends dance with art and media. The performance explores the concept of escaping in human survival. The show will take place on May 17th and 18th in the basement of Art Quarter Budapest.
German-Swiss-Hungarian co-produced exhibition and dance performance FRIGHT FIGHT FLIGHT is a piece that examines sensitive human reactions to the "fight-or-flight" response. Scientific research proves that fear of threat - even if it is not realistic - initiates neurobiological processes in the body. Survival behaviour often relieves superhuman forces, resulting in two reactions in stressful situations: you either take the gun or you flee. The show displays different aspects of the concept of escaping, that are based on personal experiences and draws on the coping strategies of actors of different nationalities and backgrounds. There are different ways we cope, using theatre and arts or we work to extents of addiction, to move to another imaginary world of our own creation. In the case of this performance, contemporary dance is used as the universal art code for expressing this mechanism and its infinity.
The performance is held in different venues where the audience accompanies the dancers from one station to the other, discovering the architectural features of the AQB basement. Artworks appear on each site, including sculptures inspired by Brueghel and Bosch, X-ray suitcase installations, a dome tent made of wooden screens and a tunnel of video installations. The performers and audience in this show are connected, facing each other and interact with no barriers, further strengthening the concept of escape where we can only resolve the situation and escape if we cooperate. It also helps the audience to recognize their own escape strategies. The choreographers of the performance, Bärbel Stenzenberger, one of the founders of the Bo-Complex Society, and Felix Duméril, the leader of the T42 Dance Project, are both award-winning artists. The scenes that combine dance, fine art, music and light have been created in rehearsals with dancers, using their personal experiences. After last year's premiere of Bonn, FRIGHT FIGHT FLIGHT went on an international tour, with Budafok coming third.
TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/302860442
May 17, 2019 8 pm - 9.30 pm
May 18, 2019 8 pm - 9.30 pm
Art Quarter Budapest Basement (1222 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 48-50.)
The performance is part of the AQB OPEN HOUSE program series.
Important information: Due to the difficult accessibility of the venue, meet at the AQB yard at 19:40, where we go together to the venue of the performance. Make sure you arrive on time!
Ticket price: 1900 Ft
Art Team:
Dance Company: Bo- Komplex Dance Company & T42dance
Concept - Tanzkompanie bo complex
Choreography - Misato Inoue / Bärbel Stenzenberger / Félix Duméril
Dance - Koto Aoki / Misato Inoue (J / CH) / Elisabeth Kindler-Abali / Lili Raubinek (HU) / Erik Constantin / Félix Duméril / Vincent Wodrich
Video / Artworks - Lieve Vanderschaeve (B)
Hangdesign - Dyane Donck (NL)
Costume - Amélie Sator
Light Design - Markus Becker
Production Assistant - Anna Kampe-Corsten (D) / Thomas Péronnet (CH)