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AQB AiR / Sarah-Dona Manev & Kay Kloosterboer (NL) Still Motion

Contributors:Sarah-Dona Manev / Kay Kloosterboer
Venue: Project Space
Opening:06/27/2018 17:00 (Wed)
Duration:06/27 - 06/27/2018

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday15:00 – 19:00

Sarah-Dona Manev & Kay Kloosterboer will present their new work Still Motion on Wednesday the 27th of June. This work was developed during their residency at the Art Quarter Budapest.
Still Motion is an installation that takes a closer look at the relation between powerful images of remembrance and the fleeting nature of memories. The work is a poetic testimonial to individual experiences and memories rooted in ones identity.
After the installation view the artists will give a lecture and short report of their time spent in Budapest, followed by an informal talk enabling a deeper understanding of their œuvre and artistic approach.
art quarter budapest / A building on 4th floor
June 27, 2018 Wednesday 5pm - 6.30pm
Presentation’s language: English
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Sarah-Dona Manev was born in Paris, France, from a Bulgarian father and a Dutch mother. She spent parts of her childhood in France, Bulgaria and the Netherlands. Her upbringing within a constant changing surrounding has strongly influenced here as a person and as an artist. With the result that the topic of identity in relation to ‘home’ (the idea of feeling connected to one place) is strongly present in her work. Sarah works in Amsterdam as a photographer and visual artist. She has studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy in The Hague and at the Photography Academy in Amsterdam. She has made several photo series and installations around the subjects of non-places and human-facades. Most of her work can be placed within the broader theme of identity.
The work of Kay Kloosterboer is driven by a certain nostalgic sentiment. A presence he describes as “the weight of history in places and objects”. His work is often in relation to grasping this sentiment into a visual form. Kay is also working as a spatial designer for various museums. The main objective in these projects is to create a powerful spatial experiences often communicating through the use of various mediums (3d objects / graphic / film / sound / light) with the viewer. Experiences from these projects and his background as a historian (MA at University of Amsterdam) provide him with a unique multidisciplinary approach for his art-work.