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Mirna Pokorić

Mirna Pokorić

Year of stay:2014

Due to the fact that majority of children's toys today literally evoke the world of adults, they also set a model of educational standards replacing the sense of security. Playing is an important method of learning. Furthermore children at an early age lose their right to be creative and to develop their own ideas because they are playing with the toys thatare not suitable for their personal development. Inadequacy of today’s toys is not only visible in functional types, but also in restorative materials of the composition of which toys are made. Modern toys are exclusively made of synthetic materials, not natural.

My goal In this paper is to show some practical ways to use rejected material. For example: Ten (10) objects of different dimensions are usually made from discarded and destructed children's toys. Sculptures are created using the technique of stacking different forms in objects: assemblage. The technical execution is dominated by organic and inorganic materials; plastic, rubber, rag toys, wire, wood and bone. The black (colour) symbolises “destruction” of primal material form of which objects are formed giving them new meaning .

The second part of the work is connected with sculptures. It contains eighty (80) monochrome drawings and collages arranged in a unique compositional unity. Each fragment of a whole ensemble functions as a unique element. Created drawings and collages contains the surface on which are visible images of three dimensional form displaying reflection of individual objects, their texture and relation in space.

In the final analysis, work piece called I. A/0 is incorporated in a certain context and topological space through installation. The installation forms a story that is documented through photographs. Objects and compositional units are set within residential area (AQB), which is still in restoration.