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Rite of Dreams

Rite of Dreams

Year of stay:2014

As soon as I make the first move with the brush, the picture begins to paint itself - Pablo Picasso once said. I think this applies to any art, also to the theater and dance. Director, choreographer, dancer, actor - they all stand on a difficult to define line between consciousness and unconsciousness. When we are aware of this situation, the art becomes the study of the unknown, and finally an island of new reality – as the new always belong to the unconscious. Even if the trial is small, but when it is sincere, not schematic and truly brave, the creative act is the 'movement of a butterfly' in the social world. In fact, although most people do not notice that, a significant part of the new 'mental', moral and social projects, has its origin in the microcosm of art.

Slawek Krawczynski