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Christa Bartesch

Christa Bartesch


The subject of my interest is colour:

- in its purest form
- the power of light, glow and radiation
- the interplay of minimally
- different shades
- its density and loose resolution, the translucency and overlay of colour layers
- the tension that arises when the boundaries of colour spots are separated, overlayed or dissolved in each other
- spatiality, depth, for example, when there are fragmented cold spots of colour beneath warm spots of colour.

Moreover, I am interested, following from the process of image creation, in the smallest colour difference that can still be perceived by the human eye in terms of the eye’s perceptual ability and how educated a vision needs to be in order to recognize it.

I am also interested in the process of vision leading to knowledge, as well as the effect that colour has on the viewer.

Selected works