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Curator(s):Mathilde WEH / Justin HOFFMANN / Creamcake / Camilo ROCHA / KUKLA Krisztián
Artist(s):Chicks On Speed / Tony COKES / Zuzanna CZETABUL / Deforrest BROWN, Jr. & AbuQadim HAQQ / Aleksandra DOMANOVIC / Rangoato HLASANE / Ryōji IKEDA / Maryam JAFRI / Robert LIPPOK / Lőrinc BORSOS / M+M / Mamba Negra / Henrike NAUMANN & Bastian HAGEDORN / The Otolith Group / Carsten NICOLAI / Vinca PETERSEN / Daniel PFLUMM / Sarah SCHÖNFELD / Jeremy SHAW / Dominique WHITE / Tobias ZIELONY / Jaqueline CAUX / Romuald KARMAKAR / Lisa ROVNER / Kerstin GREINER / Erik MÁTRAI / Mathilde WEH / Justin HOFFMANN / Creamcake / Camilo ROCHA
Venue: Project Space
Opening:08/28/2021 18:00 (Sat)
Duration:08/28 - 09/11/2021

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday
15:00 – 19:00
13:00 – 17:00

Exhibition opening and music event: 28.08.2021

Artists of the exhibition opening music event:
- Electric Indigo: Ferrum a/v live act (DE)
- Siblicity Live act (TOTIM Records) (HU), (Visual: András Nagy XYZ)
- Electric Indigo DJ set (DE)

As a global phenomenon, techno has not only shaped the history of music, but has also had a significant influence on culture. Techno's impulses have an impact on the various fields of art, pop culture, media consumption and technologies. Techno is thus an attitude towards life, that reflects on particular social, living- environment and economic structures and can also serve as a political medium. This exhibition realized by the collaboration of Goethe-Institut Budapest and aqb is a world premier: it can be seen in Budapest for the first time, and starting from here continues as a travelling exhibition of an international importance, showing the fault lines of art, music, pop, media and technology.

The main focus is on works of art that explore the thematics between local and global, underground and mainstream, politics and commerce, proposing questions about commercialization, digitalization, experiences of body, space and creativity. In Germany, techno acted as a connecting element between East and West, and after the fall of the Berlin Wall gained particular importance. Berlin, which attracted attention in the 1990s with the Love Parade, developed into one of the most prominent capitals of techno music.

The exhibition presents video installations, objects, pictures, sculptures, and involves a separate document section, beside the Project Space of aqb, it fills more rooms from the cellar and up. The exhibition alongside with the accompanying events provide an opportunity and a chance to reflect also on the local connections of art and techno.

Partners of the event: Goethe-Institut

Supporters of the exhibition: NKA - National Cultural Fund of Hungary, EPSON, Korean Cultural Center, Csokonai Theater, Artoid Studio, ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art

Supporter of the music event: Interton Group Hungary