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Daddypower x 111rec x aqb pres. Chinabot x Marmint

Contributors:Pisitakun / Neo Geodesia / Jaeho Hwang / ecovoron / SUTA / Soupire / Alley Catss / Büki László Szása / Noahstas / Viktor Kovacs
Venue: Mines
Opening:05/09/2024 19:00 (Thu)
Duration:05/09 - 05/10/2024

DₐDDYₚₒWₑᵣ ₓ ₁₁₁ᵣₑC ₓ ₐQB ₚᵣₑₛ. CₕᵢₙₐBₒₜ ₓ ₘₐᵣₘᵢₙₜ

Daddypower x 111rec x aqb is proud to present Chinabot's return to Budapest accompanied by upcoming local platform Marmint.

ŁiN€Ǘρ ☯

▰ PISITAKUN (live) ▰

Pisitakun Kuantalaeng graduated with a BFA in Sculpture, School of Architecture, Art, and Design King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand. Pisitakun has been weaving traditional Thai instrumentation together with pounding rhythms and rugged samples, building post-industrial noisescape since 2014. A large part of his inspiration lies in a frustration at his country’s political life and censorship rules, forging these protest songs to turn noise into fiery expressions of hope and anger. He has performed at CTM Festival (Berlin), Asian Meeting Festival (Tokyo), MEIA (Aveiro), Schiev (Brussels), Rokolectiv (Bucharest) and Cafe OTO (London). His previous releases on Chinabot are SOSLEEP(2018) created shortly after the death of his father from cancer, and combined traditional mourning instruments with harsh noise and techno beats, wrapping them around intimate recordings of the hospital machinery that kept his father alive during his final days. and Absolute C.O.U.P. (2020). He also released Kongkraphan (2022) on Yes No Wave, toured with Gabber Modus Operandi in Thailand. He’s also part of the SHAPE Platform roaster of artists for 2022 and has performed with the likes of Meuko Meuko, Abadir, Evita Manji.

▰ NEO GEODESIA (live) ▰

Neo Geodesia is Saphy Vong, a French Cambodian audio visual artist born in a Thai refugee camp after his parents fled the Khmer Rouge, and grew up in the suburbs of Nancy, northeastern France. His unique musical outlook fuses the experimental and DIY ethos that can be found in both the local Nancy Hardcore and Grindcore scene that embraced him as a teenager, and the sounds broadcasted from Cambodia into his home through his parents pirated tapes and videos of Khmer pop, karaoke, monk chants and movies. His recent project has been dedicated to fusing experimental electronic processes with traditional Khmer music and exploring the far edge of sonic expression to include noise, Bek Sloy, Funeral Smot and Roam Vong. Over the years, however, he has focused his approach less upon heaviness than slipperiness, granular textures and head-spinning polyrhythms. Active for more than a decade under the alias Lafidki, he has produced, composed and released electronic music for Orange Milk Records. His music has been featured in Resident Advisor, NPR, NTS, BBC, Mixmag, The Quietus and Bandcamp Daily.

▰ JAEHO HWANG (live) ▰

Jaeho Hwang is a Seoul-based DJ, producer, and visual artist who recontextualises traditional Korean instrumentation and brings it into the contemporary club music scene. South Korean artist inspired by the Buddhist concept of impermanent selfhood, his first EP “Non-Self/비자아” combines dark, industrial club beats with old Korean sound and samples. He explores his sense of identity in the digital age as refracted through the Buddhist concept of anatta, or non-self, the belief that there is no unchanging, permanent soul or essence in living beings.

▰ NOAHSTAS (live) ▰

Bence Barta is a visual and sound artist from Budapest. Noahstas born in 2014 as a sonic offshoot of his visual art practices, then it quickly grown into a self-contained entity. Expressive noise sculpting built from the dynamics between repression-breakout, control-loss of control, shaped by lots of feedback, analog synth pulsations, disintegrating tape loops and dark spatial atmosphere.

▰ VIKTOR KOVACS (live) ▰

Viktor Kovacs is a cultural byproduct of the production-distribution-consumption cycles present in 21st-century late capitalism. Its creative output reflects on nothing but itself.


Alley Catss is the main project of Máté Elod Janky, a Budapest-based borderline musician and visual artist. His work is characterized by the observation of digital textures and motifs and the reinterpretation of their environmental and spatial qualities. Running Daddypower Records, an independent label dedicated to experimental arts. Büki László Szása is a noise and sound artist from Orosháza, Hungary. They will perform a collaborative improvisation.

▰ SUTA (dj) ▰

SUTA is a one-man band emerging from an inglorious spot of the Hungarian lowlands: Talfaja. His music is influenced by the innocent playfulness and repetitive melodic attributes of the early 2010s EDM scene, SUTA binds these features with obscure textures and diverse sound layers.

▰ SOUPIRE (dj) ▰

SOUPIRE is a Hungarian DJ, curator, performer and artist. Organic community building and communal celebration is part of her non-conceptual art, as she organizes events and late night shows with her collective FamilyFast and manages the net-label attached to it, called 111records. Creating opportunities for young talents and creatives has always been her passion and she truly believes that alternative culture is a powerful tool against systematic oppression and social division.

▰ ECOVORON (dj) ▰

Lurking amidst the murky depths of a forsaken fishing hamlet nestled within the vast southern plains of Hungary, ecovoron awakens, fueled by an insatiable thirst for the eldritch. With a newfound zeal, he stands poised to unleash a tempest of raw sound, shattering the veil that shields the untouched from cosmic horrors beyond mortal comprehension.

doors: 19h