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Contributors:Bánhidi-Rózsa Bence / Borsos Lőrinc / Huminilowicz Vanda / Illés Andor Erazmus / Kerekes Júlia, Metzing Eszter / Ppillovv / Radler Luca / Várhelyi Valentina - Hardy Anna / Varsányi Szirének / Nedves Bugyik: Női Erotikus Irodalmi Szalon (Ádám Anna, Csizmadia Ráhel, Grélinger Ágnes, Horváth Zsófi, Kovai Fruzsi, Muhari Orsolya, Szabó Liliom) / SAWA / n4p0zi / autismus 3000 / doma / ˚♡⋆୨୧˚✧*:xXxBeLLa_4*♡*3vEn$taRxXx: *✧༻˚୨୧⋆
Venue: Courtyard
Opening:05/01/2024 17:00 (Wed)
Duration:05/01 - 05/01/2024

You are cordially invited to a Pagan May Pop-Up Festival in the garden of art quarter budapest!

The aim of the event is to revive the ancient meanings of the holiday, in this case May Day, and to promote attunement with nature.

"Long live May Day!" was the message of the first mass demonstration in 1890, when workers' unions marched not only in Hungary but all over the world to demand eight-hour working hours and to express international solidarity. The choice of date was no coincidence, as it commemorated the resolution of the First International and the bloody strike in Chicago, and declared May Day "a militant holiday of international working class unity". After the fall of the Iron Curtain, it became a day of workers' solidarity, a celebration of the still-standing May Day celebrations.

However, the tradition of this day goes back much further, you could say - to the beginning of time. We are halfway between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice, and thus, we are at a turning point in the Wheel of the Year, a day of celebration. For the ancient Greeks, it was the Festival of Flora, the goddess of spring and flowers. In the Celtic tradition, Beltane was celebrated by setting up a Maypole and building bonfires, dancing and music. Young people went out into the woods to make love and, not least, to gather flowers to decorate their houses and protect them from the demonic presence, which was particularly strong that day. It is fitting to know that the first of May is the first of November, when the boundary between the world of the mundane and the other world is thinnest, allowing the passage of all kinds of spirits, both dark and light.

Christians may know the night of 30 April as the night of St Walpurgis, as sung in Goethe's Faust. A night of haunting demonic forces and witchcraft, from which holy prayer and pilgrimage can protect the faithful. (It was also a perfect day for a little witch-burning.) Yet the Christian church also tried to adapt to pagan customs to some extent, declaring May the month of the Virgin Mary and using the symbolism of blossoming flowers. The conception of the immaculate Virgin on the main feast of fertility is indeed impressive, but perhaps, given the solemnity of the act of the Virgin of Origin, somewhat questionable.

So May Day encompasses all of this, and we invite you to get in tune with nature's most extreme phase! Let's fight the dark demonic forces that rise up and celebrate together the fertility that gives life, the inner strength that drives us to create and our bodies that can enjoy!

Mayfest 2+* is coming to art quartrer budapest. We are preparing a musical event, a kind of a daytime festival in aqb's courtyard. In addition, we invite you to a mystical garden with an exhibition and a colourful bunch of performances.)

Courtyard line up:
17.30 ___
˚♡⋆୨୧˚✧*:xXxBeLLa_4*♡*3vEn$taRxXx: *✧༻˚୨୧⋆
19.30 ___
21.30 ___
autism 3000
23.00 ___ 0.00*

Exhibiting artists:
Bánhidi-Rózsa Bence, Borsos Lőrinc, Huminilowicz Vanda, Illés Andor Erazmus, Kerekes Júlia, Metzing Eszter, Ppillovv, Radler Luca, Várhelyi Valentina - Hardy Anna

Performances in the garden:
19.00 ___
Varsányi Szirének
20.00 ___
Wet Panties: Women's Erotic Literary Salon
(Ádám Anna, Csizmadia Ráhel, Grélinger Ágnes, Horváth Zsófi, Kovai Fruzsi, Muhari Orsolya, Szabó Liliom)
21.00 ___