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Szécsi Noémi: MEMENTO MORI / Átlátás #3

Curator(s):BENCE Bettina
Artist(s):SZÉCSI Noémi
Opening by:Dr. HEGEDŰS Katalin
Opening:10/09/2020 18:00 (Fri)
Duration:10/09 - 10/11/2020

09 October 2020 Friday, 6 PM
— Vernissage
Opening speech by Dr. Katalin Hegedűs, associate professor, head of the Research Group of the Department of Tanatology, Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences

10 October 2020 Saturday, 3 PM
— Guided tour with the artist and the curator

At the heart of Noémi Szécsi’s work, Memento mori, are the workers of the death industry. Wondering how people, who work with the concept of death on a daily basis, can relate to their own existence. What kind of impression do workers have on the factory and how does this work affect their physical and mental state? Szécsi was fascinated by these people because they haven't got the choice to deny death. She visited a coffin and an urn factory, and worked together with two gravediggers during the project. During the months she got to know them better and discovered a grotesque duality between the workers and their work. At the same time, seriousness and absurd humour are present. This ambivalent mood is the basis for the series.

Studio of Young Photographers (FFS)
Association of Hungarian Photographers
art quarter budapest
Vylyan Winery
National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA)

Please wear a face mask inside the exhibition space!

Overview #3 is an exhibition series organized by the Studio of Young Photographers for the third time. The purpose of the program is to provide professional showcase platform for participating Studio members and selected curators. The first Overview was born in 2011 from the ideas of Kata Oltai and László Nánási, then continued in 2013-2014 under the care of Edit Barta and Péter Trembeczki. So far, the program has included, among others, well-known artists such as Máté Bartha, Sári Ember, Andrea Gáldi Vinkó and Éva Szombat.

This year’s edition will feature 9 solo and group exhibitions by a total of 10 artists at eight locations in Budapest and one in Debrecen, in non-profit and for-profit galleries and spaces such as Art Quarter Budapest, FKSE Studio Gallery, ISBN Book+Gallery, K.A.S. Galéria, MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center, MyMuseum, PINCE, TOBE Gallery, Várfok Project Room.

The artists and curators involved in the project were selected through a competition: previously, members of the Studio were able to submit fresh project proposals, which we made available for applicant curators through an open call. From the curatorial ideas received, with the help of Flóra Barkóczi and Zoltán Tóth Balázs we have chosen those that can be realized within the framework.

It was essential that the selected Overview #3 of projects be implemented through close collaboration and discourse between the artist, curator and gallery representative/ manager.
- Benedek Regős, Former secretary of FFS, project coordinator