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Smooth as the Dolphin Skin

Contributors:Corina Mitrovici
Venue: Rooftop
Opening:11/18/2022 16:00 (Fri)
Duration:11/18 - 11/18/2022

? Welcome to ___Smooth as the Dolphin Skin___ , a fake creative lab ?‍? where the goal is to distract ourselves from work
How do you spend your time in the studio, or at work?
�I like to get my nails done and gossip over a glass of gin ?
�If you’re having problems in your artistic relationship, come to our lab and we’ll fix them.
We’ve got methods for everyone ?

?Anger management with fake workouts,�
?dramaturgic solutions with card reading and fortune telling,�
?‍♀️power naps for dream training and other inspirational meditations.

?[Background and motivation]

I’m interested in snacking ???as a working practice for the creative process. I oftentimes don’t have the patience to focus, or maybe the pressure of production doesn’t stir me enough. Maybe I just don’t know how to work, but I sure know the most effective distraction method – procrastination ?
In this lab I’d like to share with you some of my techniques of ✨ fooling ourselves into work ✨ and maybe discover with you some more.
Instead of saying we’re multitasking, I’m gonna be honest and call it what it is

? Snacking involves zoning out ? It feels like you’re neither here nor there, yet your body still processes the information. If you call things by their name, they become tools you can use
So I invite you to this pop-up lab ?, to practice our telepathic skills and gossip clearly over a slice of pizza ?


- Checking in with a round of expectations and complaints
- Face massage for a good glow into the day
- Short meditation for finding the work-related problems
- A good round of ignoring our problems with other activities,
?like nail salon on meditative music ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD_TWloJ310
- Quick round of telepathy training
- And a body appreciation and celebration for a successful unproductive day at work

[Note]: this workshop is free of charge ?and open for all who can make it. ?Come as you come and leave when you need to. I will be ignoring my problems from 4-7 pm, join me when you can ?
Gin tonic on the house < 3

The workshop will be in the studio space of Tamara, Imre and Csaba < 3
✨many thanks to the crew

[more about me]

I'm curious to see how my work and practices are read by others, so in my short visit to Budapest, I thought it could be cute to meet you closer, in a fun space where we get to play and chill. Studying in my final year at SNDO - School for New Dance Development, I'm looking to expand my horizons and meet more colleagues and audiences.
In Budapest you can find me on instagram, tinder, at a bar playing pingpong and at this event, drinking gin. I'm open to food recommendations and dancy events ?

[official bio] ?

Corina Mitrovici creates spaces where the work can arrive on its own. Hanging out at the border between performance, social space and performative situations, her works are perceived as a dynamic livingroom, where the audience can move freely and the performers flirt easily with the audience and their space.
In her final year of study at SNDO – School for New Dance Development, in Amsterdam, Corina seeks to better her choreographic craft. With a diverse background in the performing arts field and a developed vocabulary, her works manage to easily create performative instances, through dreamy atmosphere and meditative soundscapes.
She received the danceWEB scholarship in 2017 and performed in festivals like ImPulsTanz, Viena (with the work of Valentina de Piante – M.E.L.T.) and Aerowaves 2018 (with Counterbody – Simona Deaconescu). Since 2019 she studies Choreography at SNDO and has made works such as ‘Bobs’, ‘水 șuei’, ‘A long ignored love’ and ‘Birds, Lizards and other Domesticated Cats’.