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Neither Aleph, Nor Lam – Sound installation by Sarvenaz Mostofey

Contributors:Kukla Krisztián
Venue: Project Space
Opening:04/28/2022 18:00 (Thu)
Duration:04/28 - 04/28/2022

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday15:00 – 19:00

On 28 April, aqb's "Are You Sure You Want To Leave?" exhibition will feature a special sound installation. Iranian artist Sarvenaz Mostofey, based in Berlin, will present her work in the studio of the Spatial Sound Institute.

"Neither Aleph, Nor Lam" is a sound artwork that combines different forms of long-distance communication, such as the sounds of woodpeckers and the knocking codes used in prisons. The work is a sonic reflection on the prison diary of an Iranian political activist (the artist's father). On the one hand, the diary contains records of medical assistance in prison, and on the other hand, it contains coded information that serves as a mnemonic and self-healing tool.

The title of the sound installation is derived from the medieval poetry of Rūmī, which is about Aesopian language, a coding of messages without Aleph and Lam, similar to bird communication and the acousmatic sound which is heard without an originating cause being seen.


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Krisztián Kukla, curator of the exhibition, will give a guided tour of the exhibition "Are You Sure You Want To Leave?".
Venue: aqb Project Space

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Presentation of Sarvenaz Mostofey's sound installation.
Venue: Spatial Sound Institute studio

The Program is a collaboration between aqb and SSI and is supported by the Goethe-Institut.