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aqb AiR talk and performance: UNSEEN

Contributors:Ján Solčáni / Tatiana Heuman
Venue: Nest
Opening:11/24/2022 19:00 (Thu)
Duration:11/24 - 11/24/2022

Ján Solčáni has participated in a three-month-long residency program at aqb supported by the International Visegrad Fund.
On this evening we'll be hosting a talk to introduce Jan's work, which will be accompanied by a performance by Tatiana Heuman aka Qeei, presenting the scores "How to Hypnopomp?" in a live setting. Originally released on the platform Unseen.

Unseen is an online platform and web archive that presents different approaches to listening and cultivating the relationship between our bodies, space and sound. It is loosely based on Pauline Oliveros' practice of deep listening, which it updates through the perspectives of selected artists. Through a series of exercises, methods and video guides Unseen invites us to focus on sound as a tool for relieving feelings of separation and isolation, as a tool for imagining better futures. These tutorials vary in length and difficulty, are intended for bodily and non-bodily, individual and collective practice, and intend to activate different parts of our bodies and lived realities. They represent artistic practice as a tool for the everyday, as a set of mechanics and procedures operating outside the institutional frameworks of art. These are methods and manuals which we can activate in our own way and apply to our everyday life.
AGF imagines sound as a growing entity that initiates connections which have the capacity to grow into decentralized networks. Through careful listening to her body, Tatiana Heuman explores more delicate ways of transitioning from sleep to wakefulness.
These series of exercises create space for new rationalities and ways of looking at the everyday. The possibilities are endless, but often bounded by the limit of one's own imagination. Creating, imagining, dreaming, singing, touching, humming, talking are all activities that create a safe space for intimacy, sharing and knowing oneself and others.

How to Hypnopomp?
The hypnopompic state is that moment just before waking up in which you are not sleeping anymore but you are also not fully awake. The body is in other space(s) and returns from unknown terrains. "How to Hypnopomp?" serves as a guide through performing very slow and subtle gestures and actions in the process of waking up. These movements can be imaginary, physical availability should not be a limitation for their achievement. Hopefully, you will enjoy transiting through this particular state with greater calm, devoting a considerable time to exploring the first impulses of movement, reviewing extracts of dream memories and developing a progressive sense for listening to internal and external sounds.