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Berber Budapest

Berber Budapest


Berber Budapest

We are passionate about handcrafted Moroccan Berber rugs and are proud to be dealers of these remarkable pieces.

Our rugs are sourced directly from weaving communities and small family businesses in the Atlas Mountains. We believe in fair trade and ensure that we pay the weavers a fair price for their exceptional craftsmanship. We have established strong, personal relationships with our weaving partners and are able to accommodate custom orders.

The majority of our Berber rugs are hand-knotted using wool and recycled textiles in the homes and community workshops of the Amazigh weavers. The weaving traditions are passed down through generations within each tribe, resulting in unique rugs that reflect the personality and life path of their weavers. These rugs are rich in symbolism and tell captivating stories.

Despite their rural origins, our rugs possess a surprisingly modern aesthetic that effortlessly complements various interior styles. They have the ability to infuse any space with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our selection includes both new and vintage rugs, each of which is handpicked with great care.

At Berber Budapest, we celebrate the beauty and artistry of Berber rugs while supporting the Amazigh communities that produce them. Explore our collection and bring an exquisite piece of Moroccan craftsmanship into your home.