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Benqcs Built

Benqcs Built


Since autumn 2017, Tamás Benkucs has been expanding the repertoire of aqb, which is no longer just a workplace for him, but a vibrant, inspiring home and community that shapes his creative journey and vision in the process. Prior to this, he embarked on a wide range of professional journeys outside academia, where he was exposed to various modern industrial design, materials, development and manufacturing technologies. Of these, working with metal was a particular focus, as the fantasies of his practical mind are most effectively shaped by steel.

Throughout his work, he strives to think in terms of sensible intersections of diverse solutions, as the ultimate goal is to solve problems effectively. He is constantly developing his toolkit/workshop to meet more demands and to unleash his own imagination. In fact, this job is not yet circumscribed, it is a transformative form that is slowly taking shape. It will never really be circumscribed because of its diversity and freedom. Creative industrialist, let's leave it at that.