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Zsuzsanna Szegedi

Zsuzsanna Szegedi

Year of stay:2017

What’s the most admirable about art is to be taken in by works that are larger than me, not necessarily by size but their potential to challenge my perception about the given medium itself. My most recent works investigate the method of painting using hybrid techniques of media: text, drawing, painting, projection, video and photography. These works are formal conversations with the material and depict the impulse to further break down the already destabilized landscape, as a parallel, challenging the limitations of dominant Western and Eastern European aesthetic traditions.

When I paint the substrate is in constant motion and the two colors are emotions and reason. I capture the instable effect of chaos modern life and its systems provide us. I complicate my paintings with audience involvement as well to challenge the romantic notion of making, viewing, and relying on language. I stand here surrounded by failed utopias. Social, cultural, and political visions that don’t work.

Groundbreaking ideas transform into compromise. Disaster. The mind resist, the body endures, the self survives until the next vision arrives to start over.

Vision. Failure. Resist. Endure. Survive. On repeat.

It’s all about abstraction. The abstract ideologies transform into real consequences. Often idealized, abused, rarely corrected. Futility as result. Abstracted again.

To destabilize the already unstable