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Petko Ognyanov

Petko Ognyanov

Year of stay:2018

Visual artist Petko Ognyanov was born in 1980 in Bulgaria. He lives and works in Brussels (Be) and Sofia (Bg). Ognyanov’s anthropological approach addresses the relationship between man and the environment he lives in. His work deals with the human capacities of adaptation and questions the complex relationship with authority.

During his residency at AQB Ognyanov will be working on a new video project. Entitled "What is authority?" this project echoes a well-known text by Hannah Arendt. The project aims at approaching the issue of authority by also making a link with a common socio-political heritage within the Central and Eastern European past. Ognyanov's project will thus involve prominent Hungarian and Eastern European intellectuals challenging them to reflect on such an issue from both today’s and historical perspective.