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Tamar Swartz

Tamar Swartz

Year of stay:2015

Tamar Swartz is a Canadian mixed media artist. She delights in the expressive possibilities of mixed media visual art, using a combination of drawing, paper collage and painting. By pushing the boundaries of each medium she follows her creative intuition to create bright and whimsical, textured pieces.

Tamar's work is largely inspired by the combination of colours, shapes and textures found in natural and urban environments. Her project called The Journey to Creative Surrender, is all about the process of creating art from a state of being present, embodied and connected to one's own creative intuition. Creative Surrender is about allowing the piece of art to unfold, emerge and breathe, as any living organism would. Tamar's intention is to continue to visually capture this process in her own artistic practice, as well as collaborate with other artists in Budapest to walk the pathway to Creative Surrender, and offer Intuitive Art workshops for the local community.

Tamar has been facilitating Intuitive Art classes for adults and seniors since 2012. Intuitive Art is an expressive approach to art-making that emphasizes the process of creating rather than the final outcome. These classes welcome all individuals (with no art experience necessary!) as Tamar believes that everyone is creative. She guides participants through the creative process and holds space for them to explore, play, discover and express their inner artist.