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Petr Krátký

Petr Krátký

Year of stay:2013

“In his work Petr Krátký (CZ, 1985) constantly oscillates between a sophisticated approach of a professional artist and a civic self-ironizing of activities he pursues. Meticulous analysis of formal features of the medium, he just works in, are accompanied with a particular, deadpan, rational humour, which emphasizes that the artistic role, he takes rather seriously, is just one part of the multifaceted life. In his video performative works he often evolves a focused choreography dealing with a particular moment, in which he or other elements in the composition appear. By manipulating the medium as well as his own body, he tries to express and analyse the current situation of conventional positions such as video performance or conceptual work with image.

Petr Krátký studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in Czech Republic, Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in Nederland, Rhode Island School of Design in Providence in United States and graduated from the studio of Intermedia Confrontations at the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2012. He is a finalist of the Szpilmann Award 2010.”

Viktor Čech