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Christina Hartl-Prager

Christina Hartl-Prager

Year of stay:2013

Christina Hartl-Prager lives and works in Vienna, born 1980 in Innsbruck / Austria.

After a multiple education as journeyman for house painter, paperhanger, signage manufacturer, gilder, silversmith and basic technics of a classical sculptor, Study at Art University Linz Fine Art/Transmedial Space and at NCAD Dublin.
She took part in several artist connections, like Open Studio/Medea and the artistgroup kalida 508d and organised therein exhibitions and artprojects in Austria, Ireland, Poland and Romania.

A key outcome of Hartl-Prager`s artistic approach is reflected in the fragmentary. Primarily dealing with subjective perception of space, as well as the visualization and preservation of moments therein, she is moving between the poles of relativistic and subjective perception and consciousness, acting in a historical, political and socio-culturally evolved system.