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Lena Lapschina

Lena Lapschina

Year of stay:2014

"Walls are welcome places for artists, in- and outside the museum. You can drive a nail into the wall and hang everything up. You can also write and draw on these walls. Lena Lapschina claims the walls as her canvas.

"Any thing, a nothing, a fancy, a chimera in my brain." It was a shot of Anglican phlegm, administered by an artist. Lena's drawings have this same inexplicable quality. Perhaps because of her use of clichés - that she loves so much. "They beg us to look. Clichés won't let us look away."

Her drawings have no beginning and no end; no chronology. They are like pop-ups on the internet, that pop up at the instant that someone looks at a site. There must be a spark; a short moment of insight. It makes one think of an epiphany, a recurring theme in the writing of James Joyce. The meaning of epifany is a moment, a split second of clarity, that makes everything able to be understood. This is what Lena Lapschina wants us to see here.

…this work will disappear, but Lena is not mournful of this… For someone who is looking for the moment, eternity must wait."

- Wido Smeets