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Jan Lesak

Jan Lesak

Year of stay:2014

Work of Jan Lesak concentrates on the borderline between conceptual and abstract art. He reflects the medium of photography, its nature and production process. His art pieces thus benefit from practice and knowledge combined with thoughtful approach yet resulting in very strong visual objects. Usually he uses its traditional framework, scale of the photographic paper, fully exposed pictures (B/W, There is nothing there), in order to attain new aesthetic qualities, either by means of composition or thoughtful concept.

Another resort of his art consists in work with the archive. His project involve reconstructing (INSIDE, The Case for a Rookie) or manifesting recuperatied material (Touching the Art – the Fragile and Forgotten). His work creates abstract yet intimate world based on rigorous study of photography and its theory but resulting in stirring experience.

- Václav Janoščík