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Karolina Bregula

Karolina Bregula

Year of stay:2013

I create photography, video, installations, happenings and public projects. I believe art can be a catalyst for social change. Throughout the 11 years of my art practice I have been doing many social projects focusing on the issues of diversity, tolerance, cultural differences, language barriers and historical conflicts causing the distance between people of different countries and nations. Some of them became really successful in starting a fire of a true social debate.

Having thought a lot about the influence of art I naturally started researching the art reception. I wanted to find out who goes to galleries and with what aims and needs, what is the general understanding of contemporary art. The conclusions I made led me to focus my art practice on the art institution and art reception. For a few years I have been researching unprofessional art receivers and their relation to modern art. I am looking for the place for art in today`s society and the role the art heritage can play in the contemporary world. Building the meanings and self analysis of culture have become the sense of my latest art practice.