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Giuseppe Bonifati

Giuseppe Bonifati

Year of stay:2013

How to integrate visual arts and theatre?
In an era when every search is forcibly lonely, is it possible to build over our beloved and hated individualisms?
Individual creation is discovering, it is immersion; that in group is expanding, opening - so the two dimensions can coexist?
And the coexistence of these two fundamental dimensions of man (the vertical and the horizontal) can be communicated through a scenic art made for choice raw , essential?

These are the main questions I ask myself and I want to investigate in my Art Research.
Personally, as Artist, I don't make difference between Visual Arts and Theatre, but instead I try to understand how the creative influence of one can touch and change the other, how much and how the respective languages are bonded together.
In the process of Creation I have always been interested in the Dramaturgy as a starting point, but since a couple of years, the new works are following a route where strong Images predominate over words.
All DOO’s works involve strongly the body of the Artist and the Spectator, or both together, trying to reveal the personal imagination more hidden.
I personally do not care about virtuosity, what I would like is to create and express my personal concerns ...

Starting from the consideration that 97% of the plays are anachronistic and embarrassing events, to build a ”contemporary” work is somewhat difficult, so that almost no one can get it - myself included…

Giuseppe L. Bonifati/ DOO performing arts group