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Gnándt Ferenc

Gnándt Ferenc

Year of stay:2014

The material as a surface or as a workplace is not decided by. This is the reason why the focus is on the waste and/or the rubbish things. On the one hand I can find them very easily. On the other hand these things have own past and story already what can be able to start the duologue as a matter of fact.

In case I find own-self in a situation suddenly where must do a reaction where I am not the leader of this happening no more because of the way of is creating itself. That’s why there isn’t topic directly. I can get rid of that and to be loose what is coming with this.

But this is the beginning only.

Actually none of me as a creator and the material and the product is important. Really the important is the process between us only. This one also may be wide or slowed down. It doesn’t matter. The essentials to do that on a spontaneous way without any require of a meet goal.

I believe in that this process can bring up an incomprehensible message what I can’t directly. Furthermore I believe in that this unexplainable one belongs to everybody as an own one as an origo of all of us.

Of course these ones can seem like some sort of definition for the viewer. But this feeling is coming by chance only and its task just to confuse the viewer.

In that case the viewer find own-self in the same situation what happened with me earlier. This is a great opportunity for him/her to use their creative skills to do understand and to feel loose and to feel the process of the creation like I did. And the best opportunity to meet this supposed origo.