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Ocean Swimmers (Entanglement) / my beloved siren

Artist(s):Kimberly CALLAS / Melanie LUDWIG
Venue: Project Space
Opening:03/26/2024 18:00 (Tue)
Duration:03/26 - 03/26/2024

Opening hours

Wednesday – Saturday15:00 – 18:00

Join us to the joint pop-up exhibitions of our residents Kimberly Callas and Melanie Ludwig at aqb project space.

Kimberly Callas is a multi-media artist and figurative sculptor. Her artwork focuses on the concept of ecological self, and she is the lead artist for the Social Practice project, Discovering the Ecological Self. Callas sees the body as a part of the of the land, the piece of land we always inhabit. In her art, the body carries the markings and memories of place and become a map for new meaning making. As poet, David Whyte, says, “the human genius lives within the geography of the body and its conversation with the world. It is the meeting place between inheritance and horizon.” She often works collaboratively with individuals and organizations from a variety of fields, particularly poetry, biology, and ecology. At Ocean Swimmers (Entanglement), drawings will be show, which she made during her one-month residency at aqb and which are studies for her upcoming project in the US.

Melanie Ludwig is an artist from Austria. Her first love was comic books and narration still plays an important role in her art. Working with film allows her to tell stories, but also paintings and drawings have communicative qualities. In her paintings, she is interested in the human body and it's representation in art and everyday culture. To paint or draw becomes an entry point for talking about ideas around flesh and corporeality. During her one-month residency at she was working on a new series of oil paintings about female monsters, which will be on view at the aqb project space.

The exhibitions will followed by Bo Wiget’s concert at Foyer from 7 pm.