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Curator(s):ZSURÓ Zsu
Artist(s):BÖRCSÖK Boglárka - Andreas BOLM, BRÜCKNER János (FILLÉR Mátéval, NAGY Zágonnal és SZABÓ Ottóval együttműködésben), GÁLDI VINKÓ Andi, KOZMA Zsófi, MAGYAR Eszter, MARCEL Dani, Montag Modus (Thomas SCHAUPP), NAGY-SÁNDOR András, NÉDER Panni, OLÁH Norbert, RANOVICH Suzanna - Wanda MARTIN, RÉDLING Hanna - KIS JUHÁSZ Fábián, TENDL Károly, VÁRHEGYI Dávid, VÉKONY Dorottya
Venue: Project Space
Opening:05/11/2024 16:00 (Sat)
Duration:05/11 - 06/08/2024

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday15:00 – 19:00

Along Common Borders is a group exhibition held at Art Quarter Budapest between 11 May and 8 June, focused on highlighting similarities between social groups that are islands of societal fragmentation and to demonstrate critical art as a powerful counterpoint to exclusionary ideology. The month-long event comprises of a group show by visual artists based around Europe as well as public events with the involvement of civil rights and non-profit organisations.
The display is curated by Zsu Zsuró, art researcher, curator, PhD candidate.

Conflicts of war, economic and social inequalities, political crises, pandemics, and climate crises: society as a whole is currently living in what art historian T.J. Demos calls a "globalization of crises". Criticisms of contemporary nation-states driven by neoliberal and capitalist imperatives often combine this with nationalist and exclusionary ideologies. The former are often coupled with nationalist and exclusionary ideologies. It is this condition that creates the multitude of crises that currently surround us. And the responses to these crises often lead to populist political approaches and the distorted demands of far-right ideologies for border protection. Whether symbolic or physical, these aggressive actions result in a polarised society where 'divisions' have become the default position.

On the one hand, the exhibition aims to articulate the complex system of problems brought about by the crisis of globalisation. On the other hand, it is to give space to critical voices and opinions, and to those whose lives are threatened, silenced, neglected or simply invisible by the current power structure.

The basic opportunity to realise the exhibition is provided by the Changemaker programme under the Pop The Vote! project. The programme, co-funded by Culture Action Europe and the European Parliament, uses culture to promote democratic awareness and active citizenship among young people in the European Union.
The exhibition is realised within the framework of Zsuró’s new initiative, working title*. It is a curatorial & research organisation for democratic values and criticality in the arts which supports subversive art and culture, to create debate and to give platform to marginalised voices. Working title* produces exhibitions, initiates researches as well as collaborates on ahead-of-the-curve cultural projects.

Co-funded by Culture Action Europe and the European Parliament.
Supported by Goethe-Institut Budapest.