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aqb AIR: Lisa Reiter / Weronika Zalewska

Artist(s):Lisa Reiter / Weronika Zalewska
Venue: Nest
Opening:04/23/2024 18:00 (Tue)
Duration:04/23 - 04/23/2024

Join us at the joint pop-up exhibitions of aqb AIR residents Lisa Rieter and Weronika Zalewska.

grids, breath and a windowsill

Lisa Reiter’s work „grids, breath and a windowsill“ is a site specific installation that is located between the public and the domestic, using found materials from her residency time as well as made objects and images that build a frame around the grasp of her observations in the surrounding area.

Lisa Reiter (*1994, Austria) works and lives in Vienna. Currently, she is studying at the department of Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics at the University of Art in Linz.
In 2021, she was awarded the Morgenstern Prize by the State of Styria and the Kleine Zeitung, and also received the Art Promotion Prize from the city of Graz. Her works are represented at Neue Galerie at Universalmuseum Joanneum as well as in the collection of the city of Graz. In addition to numerous exhibitions in Austria, Lisa Reiter’s works have been exhibited in Vienna, Berlin, and Zagreb.

towards skinfold knowledge/s

watch them pour out of the test tube (2023) is a video that combines the themes of toxic embodiment, the medical complex and more-is-more-human biopolitics. Zalewska filmed aquatic animals at the Department of Zoology at Masarykova University in Brno, questioning the ethics of commercialized science, instead proposing situated knowledges and the politics of locality that allow the complex readings and reflections on processes within and between bodies of water - toward a posthuman ethics. Coincidentally, while filming at the university, Zalewska saw a piece of her body for the first time as well, also encased in formalin and jar. This (not only) aesthetic experience was the point for this trans-corporeal narrative, because whose body? what body? where? in what? why / for whom? are questions that constantly determine lives, both of individuals and entire eco/systems.

Weronika Zalewska - transmedia artist, researcher and writer based in Warsaw. Her main areas of interest are the narratives brought about by translocal toxic embodiments, and she studies those in areas such as Turów mining area and the Baltic Sea. She practices video art as a way of telling stories of different scales and porosities, at the intersection of documentary, speculative fiction or geoanthropology. She's also affiliated with the Office of Postartistic Services. Her work has been shown at MOMA Warsaw, BWA Wroclaw, Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok and the Biennial of Performing Arts in Vilnius, among others. She's also a translator of Alexis Pauline Gumbs' "Undrowned. Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals" to Polish (Współbycie Publishing).