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Vegan BBQ at last

Contributors:Grünn / Gátai Dávid
Venue: Courtyard
Opening:06/18/2022 14:00 (Sat)
Duration:06/18 - 06/18/2022

Dear friends,

As much as we like the institution of BBQ parties, we couldn't help but to realize that almost all of them are meat focused. As we see it, such event should be about the festive feeling to it, rather than the actual dishes being served.

This gathering is about including non meat-eaters so all of us can enjoy such festivities. 🌱

We are going to use our beautiful South American style barbeque, catering the courtyard of our beloved AQB.

During the day we will give a brief introduction to the world of microgreens with the emphasis of home setting cultivation. And finishing the workshop with communal planting.

Various types of organic seeds will be available to buy on site.

Musical entertainment will be provided.