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Contributors:Julien Champagne
Venue: Mines
Opening:06/02/2022 17:00 (Thu)
Duration:06/02 - 06/02/2022

Julien Champagne plays with silence.

During his residency, he walked around Budapest and its surroundings to visit the quietest places he could find: a library, a cemetery, a cave, an abandoned house, etc. Each time, he recorded the soundscape of the location, i.e. the relative "silence" that could be heard there. Then, by listening carefully to these recordings - as an archaeologist would closely look at the ground - he selected tiny sounds to work from and used it as a basic material to draw out new sonic territories.

Taking the form of a series of looped sketches, the compositions inspired by the recording he made in the Pál-völgyi cave will be played loudly in an old underground tunnel that is part of the aqb’s Mines. As the tunnel will vibrate in response to the sounds recorded in the cave, a sort of sympathetic resonance will occurs between these two sites found in the hidden part of Budapest.

Ongoing listening session of a work in progress studio work by Julien Champagne.

AQB AiR is a continuous event sequence that presents the final outcome of the international artists' projects, participating in aqb's Artist-in-residence program.