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Immerzum: S’LISTEN – Synaesthetic Deep Listening Alchemy

Contributors:Sabw / Andras Nagy / Peter Halasz / Gabor & Peter Halasz: Siblicity / FLUIDUM
Venue: Private: Sepia Sound Studio
Opening:11/18/2023 19:00 (Sat)
Duration:11/18 - 11/26/2023

Immerzum: S'LISTEN - Synaesthetic Deep Listening Alchemy - a sonic well-being experience

- 2023.11.18. Saturday 19:00 - 00:00 : [Sabw, Andras Nagy, Peter Halasz] RSVP

- 2023.11.19. Sunday 19:00 - 00:00 : [Sabw, FLUIDUM, Peter Halasz ] RSVP

- 2023.11.25. Saturday 19:00 - 00:00 : [Gabor & Peter Halasz: Siblicity ] RSVP

- 2023.11.26. Sunday 19:00 - 00:00 : [Gabor & Peter Halasz: Siblicity ] RSVP

About Immerzum

Enter the void. Immerzum is a synaesthetic world of sound and vision. Its atmosphere luminates and resonates your inner path and guides your journey.

Sepia Sound Studio welcomes you in a special multisensory environment outside of space and time where crystal clear sound and immersive panoramic projection imagery synthesize the landscape of existence.

The sonic journey is composed of rare to hear creations ranging from drones to contemporary classical music presented with live and hybrid performance methods and curated by Peter Halasz Sepia’s founder and Guests. The programming is driven by an encompassing and binding aspect that enables the listener to experience long and deep inner meditative states.

The visual aesthetics are drawn real time by generative image synthesis. The two sensory layers are mildly connected while allowing freedom of association during the session.

In this series the focus is on the experience of the guest(s) and not the performance. We deliberately keep from presenting fixed line-ups and details that lead to expectation. Our goal is to raise curiosity and openness while facilitating the settings for comfortable yet powerful immersion. You may find these sessions leading to transcendental experiences and manifesting in overall increased well-being.

The space is intimate and limited to an audience of 20 members. Mattresses, pillows and blankets are provided.

About Sepia Sound Studio

Sepia Sound Studio is a high fidelity innovative multipurpose environment created to engage with music, sound, “sonic well-being” and projection visual activities in high definition.
The space features outstanding acoustic and listening qualities in a warm and cozy carpeted environment.

Extending the sonic qualities the room is equipped with a high definition panoramic projection system offering powerful synaesthetic immersion.