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DoN’t Eat Group: Loop Event x Dunapest

Contributors:Juhász András / Sőrés Zsolt / Szenteczki Zita
Venue: Garden
Opening:09/03/2017 17:00 (Sun)
Duration:09/03 - 09/03/2017

DoN’t Eat Group is a collective of media artists, musicians and performers who explore aesthetic principles on the boundaries of new technologies and interactive audiovisual story-telling by using live-camera-feedback and real-time devices. The international independent art laboratory was founded in 2006, and it’s led by Hungarian video- and multimedia artist András Juhász and experimetnal musician – composer Zsolt Sőrés. Their special focuses are on generative - cinematographic performances and interactive story-telling. //
Közreműködik: JUHÁSZ András, SŐRÉS Zsolt, DIÁK István, SZABADOS Luca
Együttműködő partnerek: Dunapest, Let it Be! art agency
Free admission. Registration: andrea@trafo.hu