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Paco Dalmau

Paco Dalmau

Year of stay:2015

The main motive of my work is the painting. This is the way I use as a starting point to develop the body of my work. I divide my artistic practice in collections / series in this way. I divide the different concepts that are interesting for me to work on. The order is essential part in my work method: I introduce different ideas that combined with the painting shape the personality and motive of study of every collection / series.

My first collection "Polytychs 2008-2011" presents the aspects combination like painting, portrait, installation. This collection is important for me because, in certain way, it marks the beginning of the most recent ones. In this collection I started working with the square format and the repetition of the same one, a concept in which I keep on investigating in "Fractions" and "Return series". In the above mentioned I leave the figurative representation and I start working the abstraction.

In "Return series", the square format and the search of balance between color, light and depth are the main protagonists. In "Fractions" I work the idea of expository flexibility, that means, every piece is worked in different pieces, due that the artwork adapts its shape depending on the show room space characteristics. This freedom shapes the idea of this collection.

Another serie of my work is the development of "White Wall Project" in which I work with topics as monumental art, site-specific installation and painting, being myself producer and curator of the event. The project takes as a mission to show the artistic tendencies, culture and ways of understanding the contemporary painting in different cities. The work is carried out by collaboration of a group of artists that I invite to be part of White Wall Project.