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Neal McQueen

Neal McQueen

Year of stay:2016

Neal McQueen, born in 1969 in Hamburg, got already interested in photography as an adolescent. At 14 his father, a widely traveled captain, gave him a Russian camera equipment. What became more important was music. McQueen was active in various genres of the music scene as a singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, sound engineer and DJ for over 25 years, until he returned to photography in 2011. His photographic topics, which he originally worked on totally with analogue technique, are now realized both with digital and analog equipment, yet he stayed true to his preference for the black and white picture. He topics vary from portraits, documentary´s, sensual- and fashion-photography. From 2015 McQueen has focused mainly on social and political documentary projects.

“Being a photographer has changed me, has made me grow as a human being, has changed my view of the world. When I work with my camera I am totally focused as if in meditation. Since April 2015 I have almost exclusively worked on documentary projects. I see my role more as a humanitarian and political activist than as a journalist.”