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Monika Karczmarczyk

Monika Karczmarczyk

Year of stay:2022

Currently PhD student at the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University in Cracow (2020-present). In 2017, she completed her MA with a first-class honors degree at the Studio of Spacial Activites, led by Mirosław Bałka at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In her artistic practice she uses different media such as photography, video, installation and performance. Lives and works in Berlin.

Monika Karczmarczyk spent three months at the residency program of Aqb supported by Visegrad Fund. The project she was working on during the residency is a part of her PhD proposal and reflects on the influence of architecture, its material and spatial organisation, on a body in the process of dying through artistic research. The research happens through artistic work and is done in relation to other studies like sociology, theory of architecture, proxemics or thanatology. In Budapest she was mainly conducting the research on care movements and gestures around the ill body in Geriatrics Clinic and Nursing Science Center.