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Monika Fischbein

Monika Fischbein

Year of stay:2015

Monika Fischbein (b. 1977, budapest) has been based in the UK since the age of 19. She has been educated at Plymouth College of Art & Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, the University of Greenwich and Linköping University.

She is an image-maker, whose practice explores the many forms of narrative construction and recently involves meticulously created studio works. This metamorphosis preoccupies, providing the driving force for her practice. Fischbein's work seeks to investigate such themes as self-perception and responses to real- life events – spheres, which remain fundamental to her artistic motivation.

Monika has always been interested in the identity of the creator, in the soul's reflections in photography. Her current idea also draws from a personal angle, investigating the lyrical "self" in image making, incorporating national identity, a sense of belonging and their manifestation within photography.

"I believe that there is an inherent curiosity in all people to seek more knowledge as to where they come from. Through this autoethnographic photographic elegy, I had explored where the artist comes from and how does this affect the work produced? The images are a kind of psychoanalytical diagnosis triggered and influenced by nostalgic childhood memories relating to my homeland."

The practical work completed during this summer residency at Art Quarter Budapest also resonates with a larger audience, through potential shared memories. Other objectives include the development of national and international cultural awareness, the effects of our displacement and globalisation on national identity.

"We form an understanding of who we are by reflecting on our memories. The audiences' self-understanding and acceptance can be learnt through reading others personal narratives." (Anniina Souminen)