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Marina H. S. Pu

Marina H. S. Pu

Year of stay:2017

Filmmaker, director, writer, and scholar.
She has been the assistant professor in the Department of Multimedia Design at Takming University of Science and Technology in Taipei, Taiwan since 2014.

Having based in the Taiwan, the UK, Europe, and China since 1999, Marina H. S. Pu obtained a BA degree in Fine Arts from Taipei National University of Arts, and an MA degree in filmmaking from the University of Edinburgh in the UK (2008).

Her films have been selected by and presented in international film festivals in Europe and Taiwan, as well as the BBC.

Her recent projects are ‘Disquiet identity’, developed in Taiwan, Japan, and Europe, and ‘Land of the Gods’, produced in the Indian Himalaya.

Her current creative interest and research are 'feminist theory and film criticism' and 'female issues in East Asia'. Marina's projects involve short fiction films and documentary and dissertation writings. Through this residency at AQB, she would like to focus on dialogues with feminist researchers and artists in Budapest.

She anticipates numerous opportunities to develop crucial philosophical ideas and inspiration in Budapest at AQB art center through this trip, and looks forward to the unique experiences this journey will involve.