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Lisa Reiter

Lisa Reiter

Year of stay:2024

Lisa Reiter (*1994, Austria) is working and living in Vienna. Currently she is studying at the department of Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics at the University of Art in Linz.
In 2021, she was awarded the Morgenstern Prize by the State of Styria and the Kleine Zeitung, and also received the Art Promotion Prize from the city of Graz. Her works are represented at Neue Galerie at Universalmuseum Joanneum as well as in the collection of the city of Graz.In addition to numerous exhibitions in Austria, Lisa Reiters works have been exhibited in Vienna, Berlin, and Zagreb.

„I am thinking about the different dimensions of spaces - be it the physical workspace, the domestic environment and the ideas it contains, or the invisible or visible interpersonal spaces that we consciously or unconsciously shape. What intererests me are the traces left behind by human interactions and how spaces shape reality and utopia in a broader sense. I am fascinated by how the environment is incorporated into my work as a formative element, whether in sculpture or installation.“

Lisa Reiter's residency is in collaboration with Das Land Steiermark.

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