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Kis-Prumik Zoltan

Kis-Prumik Zoltan

Year of stay:2015

I form an artistic language in my works. Creating a new type of sign system, which seeks the greatest depth construction . It is a certain experimentation, a pursuit from the construction of classic painting tools and non-figurative elements. The creator searches, interprets and leaves signs. I do not aspire to convert signs, I am just looking for the pure signal, what can be anything, and that sign becomes the artwork. For me the non-figurative creation does not tell a story, just leaves signs about internal story development.

So the sign creates a space, the shapes can be divided to signs, the same is true inversely. Also a theoretical way of thinking can be accepted as a sign. These can be interpreted like spontaneous gesture variants. The state what reveals the situation after the created sign results another, new sign creating, what can be created between artwork, artist and spectator.