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Johan Buskov Romme

Johan Buskov Romme

Year of stay:2022

Johan Buskov Romme (b. 1984, Nibe, Denmark) lives and works internationally. Drawing on the theoretical framework of relational aesthetics, art brut, and process art, Buskov’ practice concentrates on participatory art, sculpture, and sound. His research focuses primarily on phenomenology, and examines how physical and environmental stimuli can impact one’s state of awareness and perception. His work is based on experimentation processes that investigate foundational aspects of material structure and cognition, and create situations and experiences fostering cohesion between consciousness and materiality, sense of self and community.

Artist quote: “As an artist I explore chaos and endlessness as subjects that speak to our conception of origin and truth. Like a scientific researcher posing questions about the origin of the universe, I pose similar questions of origin in relation to materials and the elements they are composed of. Within the perceptive field of materials I seek for endlessness in detail because it provides multiple layers of information. It proves to me that there is no singular answer to any given question. Everything is part of the same and everything looks different at different points of view”. - Johan Buskov Romme