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Dora Tomic

Dora Tomic

Year of stay:2013

The understanding of an entire process that takes place in a structure is conditioned by the focus on the overview of interconnections and interactions between individual elements, as well as by focusing on those elements, and then by constant re-implementation of the process of (re)structuring. In doing so, alone the words “understanding” or “notion” refer to the process of coming to one thing through another, as well as to the processing or observation of many aspects using several senses simultaneously.

It follows that the cause and effect of dynamically complex situations in time and space are marked by the interdependent elements that they consist of. Therefore, a complete understanding of being and existence in space cannot be reduced to a linear static display.

What is therefore visible are not representations of objects, but representations of a presence of invisible simultaneous processes that undoubtedly influence the development and movement of subjects. But what conditions the (re)structuring? In what correlation are these simultaneous processes that surround us?