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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

Year of stay:2019

John Angel Rodriguez is a graduate of visual arts of the District University Francisco Jose de Caldas Bogotá, Bachelor degree 2005 with an emphasis in New Media. He began his activity as an artist during his studies of fine arts, from 1999 to 2004, participating in university salon halls, art collective exhibitions, open calls and research grant projects. He worked at the National Museum of Colombia, 2002 at the department of education. He also conducted research for the international academic exchange at the faculty of arts ASAB at the department of visual arts. Upon graduation, in 2005 he worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Arts Guerrero and from 2015-2017 at The District University Francisco Jose de Caldas Bogotá.

He began operating as an independent curator since 2004, Bogotá, and then he moved to London in 2007 to perform field research within London’s creative industries hub. In 2009 he was the guest curator for the Embassy of Colombia in London curating the exhibition "EQUILIBRIO" presented at the Southbank Centre. Parallel to his work as an independent curator, he worked at the Saatchi Gallery; one of the projects to the highlight of this period was “Art Accelerating Art”. In 2011 he graduated from the University of Westminster obtaining his MA Masters in Art & Media Practice. He also received the scholarship from Colfuturo in 2010 to complete his studies in London.

Later on, he curated as a graduation theses project “Parallel Connections” a group exhibition that addressed the practices of video performance; this was shown at the Wayward Gallery, London. His most recent awards include The Fellowship for international mobility Colombian Ministry of Culture 2018 to attend as speaker to MOCA London, IDARTES 2017 to attend as a speaker to FACT, Liverpool, UK. Ministry of Culture Colombia research project Warsaw, Poland, presenting a lecture at Lokal_30 Gallery. In 2013, he was granted by the Getty Foundation Los Angeles, USA to attend the annual curatorial conference CIMAM 2013 "New Dynamics in Museums Curator, Artwork & Public Governance" which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he attended as the curator of the exhibition “Digital Analogy: Pioneers of New Media”. In March 2013 he was invited to perform a curatorial research in New York, USA, during this residence he gave a Hack TED talk at Eyebeam. Fellowship for international circulation Ministry of Culture Colombia ISEA 2012 "Machine Wilderness" Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. In 2011 he co-founded “Digital Attila” a company based in London that was dedicated to making digital solutions for the cultural sector.

To the date, he has curated a diverse range of international exhibitions: “Entropic Symbiosis” in Berlin 2019, Sluice Berlin Exchange 2018, Sluice Biennale London 2017, Exchange Rates and Sluice New York, NY, USA. One in the City of Gdansk, Poland, "Bogota City on the Edge" which is part of the exchange program "Cities on the Edge" Łaźnia, featuring the work of four artists. (Jaime Avila, Andres Londoño, Adriana Salazar and Alberto Lezaca). In London was the resident for the curatorial fellowship at Guest Projects, London, presenting the exhibition "Vanishing Points" July 2014. In Bogotá, he curated in February 2014 the exhibition Digital Analogy: The pioneers of the New Media, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá that counted with the participation of twenty international and three national artists.

He curated “Travel to the Unknown” at the Gallery ASAB-Bogota by the polish artist Zuzanna Janin. In 2015 curated the exhibition “Transparency, Fluidity, and Mediation” displaying artworks by recognized international artists like Jenny Holzer, Universal Everything, and Jake & Dinos Chapman. Currently is the curator of an independent art platform Grey Cube Projects that aims to create bilateral collaborations and curated shows extracting concepts from the techno-scientific knowledge to deliver art exhibitions. For Grey Cube Projects he has curated more than fifteen shows such as “Non-Organic Life” and “ArtFutura 2015: Collective Intelligence” and “Deconstruction”, “Contra-Natura”, “Multiverse”, “Dark Matter” and “Entropic Symbiosis” among others.